Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finally - My Family's Christmas Photos!

It's been a busy year, but I'm finally getting around to my own Christmas photos :)

Christmas is by far, the best time of the year for me!! I love creating that holiday magic for the kids! I absolutely Love that they are getting old enough to understand and get excited, too. I was probably worse than my kids on Christmas Eve, I only got about 3-4 hours of sleep because I was so excited, it's childish, I know, but I love to see them happy!!

On December 23rd, we made cookies for Santa! Billy and Dani used every sprinkle in the house :)

Then, to my Dad's house, where they got to open their first presents!

Dani dancing to her new piano.

Grandpa Don, Dani, & Billy

Grandpa Gary, Billy, Dani & Me
Christmas Eve... The kids knew that Santa was on his way! I told Kaylee that I heard Reindeer on the roof!
Told the kids that I thought I saw Santa next door.... Billy and Dani had to check it out..
Finally, Santa made his entrance!

I love Billy's expression when he saw Santa.

Dani wasn't so sure about Santa, but at least she didn't cry like every year so far!



Dani was happy Santa brought her a pony!

Randy helping Billy fly his remote controlled helicopter.

Kaylees Barbie really skates, Billy's helicopter really flies... toys today are so much better than when we were kids!
Travis, Brennon, Brian, Kaylee, Billy, Brady & Dani

Christmas Eve... we had to leave cookies for Santa! And carrots for the reindeer! Which Billy checked first thing on Christmas morning!

Billy got his nintendo DS!

Christmas morning

Billy was so excited to show Dad what he got him... a new hot wheels race track.. so they can play together. Billy is so cute! He was sure that was exactly what Justin wanted!

Dani danced and danced to her Toon TV, which is really cool, it has a video camera and the kids can see themselves dancing on TV.

Next stop, Jean & Micks to open more presents!

Great Grandma Evelyn helping Dani open presents.

Dani & Me

Grandpa Mick is very brave giving Dani a kiss with her mouth covered in chapstick!

Dani taking a picture of Mommy! Papa Gary got Dani the best Christmas present, Photographer Barbie!! I loved it! I'm going to make one of these kids into a photographer, yet!

One of Dani's favorite presents was her dress up drunk from Neenee!

Billy & Papa Gary

Billy and his DS

Next stop, Denver, to visit my family!

Tickling Billy!

My mom made each of the kids a giant stuffed animal, they loved them!

Ethan & Dani



Justin helping Billy open his toys



Ethan and Billy are so cute! They're little buddies.

Chad & Me

Aunt Amanda & Dani

Lucas and Dani were so cute playing together!