Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays!!

Here's a few of our family snapshots! Billy just turned 6 and Dani just turned 3!!! It's so hard to believe that they grow up so darn fast!! Birthday parties are so much fun.

The cakes... Dani wanted Mickey Mouse cupcakes and Billy a Medieval castle. I love making my kids special cakes for their birthday! Although, the castle turned out to be a lot of work!! Thanks, Mom for all your help!!!

Dani's Cupcake tower

Billy's Castle

Dani and our new puppy, Chloe.

My Dad and Chloe.

Dani, Kaylee & Gary

Brian, Randy & Billy

Dani opening presents

Billy and Brady

Dani loved her new dress-up clothes.. she had to wear them for the rest of the day. She's so cute!

One of the ice cream cakes, and yes, it's homemade, too!

Dani got so excited when everyone sang Happy Birthday!


Neenee and Dani

Grandma & Dani

Papa Mick making Dani chase a yo-yo.
Dani & Me

Nothing says "I love you", like some frosting on the nose. Uncle Chad looks so thrilled!

Had to post this one, Chloe & Jake. I wasn't sure what Jake (our big, chocolate lab) would think of Chloe, but they seem to like each other :)
Billy wanted to invite friends over for his birthday party, so we did a party at Burger King on his birthday.
The army fort cake, which Billy helped decorate!

Justin & me