Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ouray Colorado

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Ouray, Colorado. My mom, the kids and I had never been to Ouray and I was so surprised at how cool the town was! If you haven't been, it is a long drive, but well worth it! It was the cutest little town. From our hotel room, we could see three waterfalls and were surrounded by beautiful cliffs, and we were just a block from downtown. For a little town, we found lots of stuff to do. We found an old fashioned candy store, hot springs pool, an old gold mine, waterfalls, and had to much fun. One night, just me & Billy walked downtown from the room and just walked. We had fun checking out the river, seeing the shops, on the way back, he says, "Mom, I love this cute little town!" and I said, "Me, too!"

Panning for Gold! Billy found some fools good, and even a little flake of gold. He tells us that he's going to sell it and be rich :)

Billy, My mom, Vicky & Dani

A flower for Mommy

Billy & Dani loved the train ride into the old gold mine!

Hiking up Cascade Falls