Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blue Mesa

Wild Iris Studio Blog

I love Summer! So much to do, so much going on. It's a busy time at the studio, with outdoor portraits, family reunions, weddings, & high school seniors. But, summer is short, so I do schedule family time as well! We pack in as much as we can during the nice weather. The kids wanted to go camping, one of my favorite things to do, so we planned our trip. Friday morning, day day we are leaving, car is packed.. Fireban. Bummer. I've never been camping at Blue Mesa and no fireban there, so me and the kids decide to take off and have an adventure, no plans, just go with the flow! And, it was one of the best camping trips ever for me! We had an incredible time!

When we arrived at Blue Mesa, we saw a ranger parked on the side of the road, who was so nice, she gave us a map and told us the best spot to camp. A quiet spot at the far end of the lake, it was perfect!! Sure pays to ask for directions!

First night, Dani was so happy in the tent.

Morning hike

We stopped to check out the Dam.

Playing at the beach

Picking me flowers, Dani made me such a pretty bouquet!

The kids had flashlights in the tent, such a great bonding time!

We discovered a trail, which we from the top of the mountain near the dam, down to the bottom of the river, was a fun little hike, near a little waterfall.

We rented a pantoon boat the the marina, was so fun!!

Billy thought he was so cool driving the boat!

View from the boat.

Afternoon hike, Blue mesa is so pretty!

We stumbled across a really cool rock and had to explore it