Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summertime Fun

Wild Iris Studio Blog

I love summer!! It's my favorite season of the year! The only thing I don't like is how fast it flies by! Here's a few personal photos of my kids and our summer fun:

The other day, I took, Dani, Billy & his friend, Cody to the Cotopaxi park. They love the "castle park".

The kids were complaining they were hot, so I told them to go run through the sprinkler.

Dani loves being wet, she just stood over the sprinkler for a long time.. she was soaked!

Billy wanted to see a ghost town, So we made a trip up to St. Elmo. The kids thought it was pretty cool!
Billy got a hot dog at the General Store.

Dani, Me & Billy at St. Elmo.

They were so adorable walking down the sidewalk!

My little cutie!

Billy's so cute!

Billy loved feeding the Chipmunks! We bought some chipmunk food at the general store and they ate it right out of Billy's hand.

We've heard lots of people talk about how awesome the Hooper Pool is, so we took a trip to the Hooper Hot Springs. It was fun! It's all outdoors and they have a great snack bar to grab a bite for lunch.
Dani loved going under the waterfall!
Justin & Dani
Dani & I going down the slide. We went over & over again. She'd laugh just as hard each time.

The slide was Billy's favorite part!

Dani playing in the hot springs creek.